Caregivers-Painting the World with CareLife of a Nurse in a Frame-Life, Death and Everything in BetweenCaregivers-Painting the World with Care

The life of a Nurse is not at all like any other person’s life. Imagine a profession that bears witness to the beginning, middle and end of many lives! This is exactly what a nurse’s life is all about! They are the soul and life-giving element of the healthcare sector.

Therefore, we cannot identify the healthcare sector, without these nurses!

A nurse’s life is a fleeting tale. Their dedication, compassion and care vibrate within the four walls of the hospitals. A pleasant nurse is the right catalyst that makes a speedy recovery possible. In other words, nurses play an irreplaceable frontline role. They complete the healthcare sector.

Everybody is familiar skin deep with a nurse’s life. However, no one has paid careful attention to what it is to be a nurse. Nurses are highly trained professionals, who provide quality care and support to the needy. Qualities like commitment, dedication and sheer hard work make them the best. Like teachers, nurses leave a long-etched mark in the hearts of their patients.

Life Of a Nurse: In a Nutshell

A typical day in the life of a nurse includes plenty of duties. From reaching the hospital or care home, begins the typical work of a nurse. On entering their particular shift, begins their fast-forwarding moments. A patient is often left as the responsibility of the nurse. Therefore, their entire care comes under the duty of these healthcare workers.

Nurses need to take and check on the vital signs of patients. They check on the patients for potential symptoms as well. They also perform physical examinations. Along with that drawing blood samples is also their responsibility. Nurses also conduct various diagnostic tests. They give suggestion for various care options. Importantly, they blend in with surgeons, physicians, specialists, assistants and many other healthcare providers.

The daily routines of these nurses around the globe vary. Interestingly, they are never the same twice. They function perfectly well under the pressure of their hectic work life. Importantly, many of these nurses lead well-maintained personal life as well.

Who Is An Ideal Nurse?

A nurse’s life is a perfect blend of major skills. An overall empathetic attitude competes them. Empathy and the skills to work under high pressure is the basic requirement. In addition, they must rise to any emergency along with problem-solving skills. They also need quick thinking and the ability to make the right decision. These are the ideal qualities that make the nurse a great professional.

They also need to have the talent enough to tackle stressful situations. Above all, the major skill for an ideal nurse would be the desire to learn. They must also be able to communicate well. Therefore, the major nursing skills are patience, empathy, emotional stability and quick thinking. Nurses often don their career so well. These pandemic days has made them the ultimate saviours. Nurses are in high demand in many countries. Often, this makes them the best medical professionals. They are the priceless backing of the medical community. Without them, the healthcare sector will be incomplete and chaotic.

Nurse: A Professional Worth Saluting!

With the pandemic waves, the nursing community is busy occupied. They are here, there and everywhere. They are busy paying careful attention to the affected, sickly and the helpless. Nurses have wholeheartedly accepted the emergency period. They have sacrificed their health, sleep and life to take care of society.

To rise to such an emergency period is not an easy task. These nurses have made everyone believe in the magic of the kind-hearted, compassionate and wonderful humans. Certainly, they are the lifelines which sustain the healthcare sector. They often do no wear a cape, or fly around rescuing people. But they are the predecessors of the Nightingale of the world!

As Leo Buscaglia said, “too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring; all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” Nurses are the often-under-appreciated angels of service. These people who selflessly put themselves in the frontline are the heroes of the healthcare sector.

In short, nurses save millions of lives and maintain a compassionate touch to their profession. They bear witness to the innumerable births. They stand along with many lives suffering during life’s journey. Subsequently, they are there, as many lives bid goodbye, breathing in their last. Certainly, Nurses live a life of exceptional service. With their compassionate lives, they make this world a better place.