COVID-19 | How the pandemic affected the world!

The Global Answer to COVID-19

As the whole world is engulfed in an uncertain situation unheard of in the history of the human race it is high time that we became proactive instead of being reactive and getting paralysed by the fear anxiety which has gripped people the world over. is the answer the world has been waiting for and now it is here on your laptop, tablet, phone, or PC. Gone are the bygone days when the recruiters had to spend money to source the health care professionals they needed. They had to spend money for setting up interviews in brick and mortar buildings, travelling to distant locations, coordinating the often laborious task of interviewing, seeking permissions from authorities, spending time and money for the traditional labour intensive scrutiny of the documents and finally getting the wrong people for the job.

Now the pandemic has brought us to a precarious scenario where we have no time for such luxuries anymore. As time is travelling faster than light and every second is measured against the life of a human being, the response to the crisis should be with lightning speed and that is exactly what Kappitaan is made for. All your staffing needs are professionally addressed within no time. You can meet your potential employees on the Cyber platform, check their resumes, interview them on the spot before hiring them. All the nitty gritty details and micromanagement is done on the platform with zero error. When your facility needs a nurse or any health care personnel Kappitaan with its rich date of potential candidates is there to help you to win over the present crisis.

Staffing companies which are under pressure to comply with their contractual obligations with health cares facilities during these uncertain times can find Kappitaan’s platform the ideal one with regard to technology, safety, speed, accuracy. The environment gives them a smooth transition from the old and outdated way of recruiting and staffing and once quality and service is stated, Kappitaan will be your partner for all your staffing needs.

The potential candidates who are in darkness as to locating a good employer or staffing company to render their service can now use the service of this environment to meet the employers of their choice and get them to know better and finally end up in being interviewed by the employers. The platform gives them an exposure to meet many employers and choose from them. Facilities like uploading their resumes and getting them scrutinized by employers, conducting face to face interviews, getting training for facing interviews, getting updated on the current job opportunities, getting updated information on changes in the immigration policies, examination requirements and changes in the exam requirements or formats and new exams being introduced. It is high time that candidates forgot the old days when they had to travel long distances to get to the interview location and wait long hours to be interviewed which were usually conducted in a crude manner. The anxiety and nervousness which candidates had to go through are all going to be a thing of the past.

Candidates need not travel to distant locations in crowded public transport and sit classes listening to boring lectures which are often rituals. The crowded classrooms and traditional way of teaching and training will soon become history which one can visit with nostalgia. Kappitaan platform provides students with the State of Art training by the best faculty hand picked by Kappitaan’s expert academic wing which regularly monitors the class. Using tools like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VR (Virtual Reality) AR (Augmented Reality) cloud technology learning on Kappitaan platform will be an unforgettable experience. Enriched and empowered with ready access to world class study materials both digital and traditional, the Kappitaan learning platform is unique with many more features which aids super learning.

The feature to meet Test Providers and interact with them in real time and seek their guidance in matters related to examinations and doing exam registration on the platform saves time and money for the candidates. Taking mock tests on the platform will strengthen the confidence of candidate before they take the real test and this facility is embedded on the platform. Soon some of the standardised tests will be conducted on the platform itself saving time and money in travelling to a test centre. Training and examination registration for all the mandatory tests is provided on Kappitaan.

Kappitaan is a platform which the world has been waiting for and now it is here when the world needs it most -the Covid-19 pandemic age.

The New Normal

The Positive Aspects

With the spread of Covid-19 the world has witnessed mind boggling changes in the beliefs systems sacredly embraced by people around the world. The church bells stopped ringing and masses got cancelled and mosques have closed their doors the temples have put a stop to their religious rituals and people have realised they can live without organised religion.

Our water both in rivers, canals, lakes, sea has become a lot cleaner and pollution free and they have again become places where other life forms can return to. The death rate has gone down and the hospitals wards are empty and medical shops have lost a major chunk of their business , drug induced deaths are not reported, families have learned to be together, people have become more self reliant, people have started using home herbal medicines and traditional medicines like Ayurveda. Work from home is considered normal and online education is no more resisted.

The Negative Aspect

The rapid spread of Covid-19 has had tremendous influence on all the spheres of human life and the influence can either be called positive or negative depending on how one views it. The health care field has been hard hit by the number of patients flowing and lack of facilities to provide leading to the deaths of many unfortunate victims. The Business world has suffered great loss and unemployment has skyrocketed. The freedom of movement has been affected by lock downs imposed by many countries. It has also given valid reasons for many pharma companies to test vaccines which can make them richer and more powerful.

The Frozen World

The whole world has come to a standstill due to the spread of the novel Corona virus. Though the virus started spreading in China no one thought that this would become so serious that it got listed as a pandemic. Nations both rich and poor, national leaders, scientific world, religious leaders have all been paralysed and confused as to what to do. Even now they are in the grip of paralysis and no one can predict how long this will continue and what ramifications are going to ensue.