Covid-19 Impact The Second Wave and Healthcare Systems

Covid-19 Impact is the talk of the world right now. Last year, the novel virus spread through the Chinese province of Wuhan. Little did the world know what was in store for its future. A year later, here the world is winding. It is under the unprecedented stress a virus has caused. “We are facing a humanitarian crisis unlike any we have experienced”, said Amina J Mohammed, the UN Deputy Secretary-General. This pandemic is unusual to the entire world. Hence, we are yet to discover the means to get out of its grip.

The first wave of the Covid virus had hit the world. And people thought that was it. Nobody had imagined what the future would look like. Slowly, things began to settle. However, the virus was not yet done with the world. It struck again. This time, the effects were catastrophic. The world was slowly recovering when the second wave washed over.

Many industries which were healing fell apart again. The UN’s Deputy Secretary-General Mohammed aptly commented: “We have moved to a recession that will be worse than the one we experienced in 2008”. Moreover, the worst affected sector was the healthcare sector. The Healthcare sector was entrusted with the revival of world health.

However, in the long run, it began to push the entire system into stress and anxiety. Various healthcare systems around the world are suffering and are coughing up. Covid-19 impact inflicted upon these systems is immense. It will surely take a lifetime to make it out of the pandemic mess. Let’s take a look at the current situation in the world…

Covid-19 Impact – Dealing with the Pandemic

The healthcare industry was hit the hardest. All the healthcare systems around the world got a chance to think and adapt. However, this adaptation made things more bearable. Healing was happening when the next wave hit the globe. Healthcare systems handled many issues at once.

The covid-19 impact resulted in the completed exhaustion of the workforce. Many countries had to make their healthcare workers work overtime. The hiring processes were high and new additions occurred frequently. Nursing candidates were in greater demand. Many countries demanded carers as well.

Most of the big economies were tiring their workforce out. They lacked enough graduates to replace the already exhausted ones. However, this has led to the benefits of other developing countries. They were more than happy to supply manpower to these countries in need. Nurses from India and the Philippines benefited the most. They made it to their dream destinations like the UK, Canada and the USA. Many other healthcare professionals were hired as well.

Covid-19 Impact – Healthcare Systems to the Rescue

Getting to the front lines in a crisis necessitates quick decision making. Healthcare systems around the world were blessed. Though they took time to make the necessary changes, they did it anyway in the end. The second wave warning had got everybody’s attention. This made the hospitals around the world prepare.

Nurses and physicians had a correct idea about how things were. The virus changed its effects day by day. And the systems adapted. Scientists everywhere were busy trying to find a solution. They still are trying out discoveries to defend against the virus. It is the collective efforts of these professions that have held the virus. It has held the virus a step back from becoming a disaster.

Many people have fell victim to the pandemic. Many have already lost their lives. Healthcare systems are in constant care to secure the suffering ones. They are sleeplessly working, so we can all live peacefully. While most of us are in the safety of our homes, these people are on the war front. It is indeed a war. To cleanse out the covid-19 impact and to defend it better in the future.

Let us hope for the end of the pandemic. For a better future where the healthcare warriors can get some rest. Let there be mask-less days again. Hope prevails even amidst the covid-19 impact occurring.

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