Lifestyle, Way of Living and Concerns of Indian Nurses Abroad

A major topic of interest while discussing nursing life is the lifestyle. Often, they will have to deal with the occupational stress as well. Nursing as discussed on a varied note is a testing career. Indeed, it is stress-inducing. Yet it offers a better lifestyle in most countries. As a result, many Indian nurses choose to work abroad now. It’s mainly because of the balance between work and personal life.

Indian Nurses prefer to settle abroad because they get better opportunities. Importantly they offer higher pay and a better life. Lifestyle shift is a major reason. The change act as a new beginning for them. Hence, these nurses end up flying to countries like the UK, Ireland, Canada and others.

New Lifestyle, New Beginnings:

When it comes to the cost of living, things become hard. Many nurses flying to countries overseas find that the cost of living can get quite expensive. A better lifestyle that offers them safety and satisfaction is the major reason why they still prefer life abroad. Different countries offer different living conditions. For example, in the UK, the cost of living varies according to the working locality. Also, facilities like transportation, living facilities and other necessities differ.

Many countries welcome international recruits very warmly. After becoming a registered nurse in any mainstream country, nurses will be able to bring over their families along. These nations hire nurses not only for their passion, skill set and service alone but also for providing ample care. In return, they receive a better life and facilities.

So Indian Nurses often move abroad hoping to find their new pasture. For them, the lifestyle difference is a boon. It gives them the new beginning they aspire to have.

Lifestyle, Occupational Stress and Other Concerns

Nursing is a mobile profession. Many nurses prefer to migrate to other nations. However, once they reach there, they face with the issues that entail. Nurses abroad need to deal with many challenges. One of them is managing the expenses. Cost of living is something that is a concern everywhere. In some countries, the cost of living is inviting. It all depends on how developed the nation is.

The higher payment options and better life choices often prompt migration. Nurses often work and earn accordingly. They do not have burdened lifestyle and work life. Working hours are carefully scrutinised to avoid stress. Pay options are also kept high as healthcare is a very important sector. Occupational stress is comparatively lesser.

Another major concern Indian nurses have is language fear. Indian nurses often find communication as a big hurdle. They often crack the proficiency barriers, only to struggle in real-life situations. This is where the importance of good language training comes in handy. IELTS and other proficiency exams must train to help these nurses handle situations easily. Discrimination on a noticeable level also exist. This affects the nurses as a concern abroad as well. Things and times are changing. Newer better ways are evolving. With time these discriminating norms will be torn down as well. However, this is at present a concern that prevails.

Migration and Lifestyle Prompts

Another concern that follows is the workforce the home nation loses each year. Migration is a never-ending process. Much of the fresher graduates prefer to go abroad. They are lost to wealthier nations. The shortage rates hike as this nursing staff goes in search of greener pastures.

The ongoing migration crisis will grow bigger with time. Indian nurses, especially are on the go. They find other countries more favourable, thanks to the lifestyle prompts. Indian setting invests a huge amount in the graduates. They are often left with the burden of it once they graduate. These debts are the major reason why Indian nursing graduates opt to fly out. The brighter prospects often leave the nurse’s star-eyed. They think of their responsibilities and debts. The future is brighter with a higher payment, respectable life and balanced work. Overseas work-life promises all these in a go. Indian healthcare lacks these promises. Indian healthcare is yet to learn the right ways to honour the professionals well. Smaller salary payments, stress and overworking environments tire these nurses out. The thought of these factors haunts the nurses in India. In the end, it forces them to step out in search of greener pastures abroad.

Lifestyle Promises

Better housing options, benefits, healthcare perks and other benefits are high in overseas nations. Indian nurses have a chance to find a life outside their professional setting as well. They will be able to find adequate breaks. Many healthcare sectors abroad are in dire need of a workforce. However, they are careful not to tire their existing staff as well. Hence, staff and their mental health are paid the right attention.

Nurses in their homeland face a lot of adversities. They are left to deal with the ordeals of life along with work-life imbalances. They have to struggle to find a balance. Often these professionals are underpaid. This also leaves an unsatisfactory effect on them. Lifestyle, payments and the respect they receive in the hometown is less.

Another major attractive factor is the respect healthcare professionals are showered with. Many countries treat their healthcare workers with more pride and respect. The Indian healthcare sector is struggling. Now the migration hikes are haunting it more as well. Nursing professional dropouts are a major loss. Indian Hospitals hence lack the best care and needed support now. Migration ensures a promising workforce future to other countries.

However, when it comes to the home country, it is a major breakout. It is a loss and workforce imbalance are a real struggle. Hence, with the shortage issues, a major issue India now face is the migration trend.

A higher number of future graduates are also in the sector aiming for migration as well. Their life problems leave them no option. Lifestyle and a brighter future are hence the green light they look for. This pushes the Indian nurses to blindly fly out without having a second thought. Life and the present-day healthcare shortcomings are the culprits to blame here!