Mental Health of the Healthcare Workers during Covid

Mental Health and care – A topic that gained much attention during these recent times. It is a topic of great relevance. Psychological wellness cannot be put aside. Pandemic had caused a greater stir which is unexplainable. This has caused a lot of cases among people.

People everywhere are in despair, fear and uneasiness. Mental Health is not a joke anymore. Hence, it is a must to know how Covid has impacted the mental health of Nurses out there. Nurses everywhere are in high demand. They are running around lending their full support and beyond.

Ever wondered how things are for these healthcare workers? They have been up constantly. But it has definitely taken a toll on their health, physically and mentally.

Mental Health in Nurses; A Quick Check

This working force faces so much despair now during work. There are several reported cases of nurses suffering various issues. Prevalence of Anxiety, depression and stress are common among healthcare workers. The highest reported rate of anxiety is 67.55%. These workers show a rate of 55.89% of depression as well. Not to omit the 62.99% of Stress shown. These numbers indicate the pressure the healthcare profession is undergoing. They face so much they cannot bear. More psychological symptoms were shown by workers who work in the higher infected areas. There are nurses, female workers, frontline healthcare workers, younger medical staff and other workers among them. Moreover, they go through high levels of trauma.

End result is mental health issues. This results in psychological pressure and mental illness. The major epidemic outbreak demands more healthcare workers. What contributes further to this situation?

  • Increasing cases of infection
  • The rising rate of death
  • Lack of essential medicines
  • Unavailability of Vaccines
  • Immense Media Coverage
  • Massive Workload

These are some of the factors that add to the mental burden of these healthcare staff. These staffs are to work long hours. This affects them immensely. They are already under overwhelming pressure. They are also exposed to the risk of catching the infection. All the fake news is contributing to their anxiety as well. Working in such an atmosphere automatically increases the risk of various psychological illnesses. Their mental health is at stake while they are busy caring for the world.

Mental Health Issues Common in Nurses?

Recent study reports have indicated that among the healthcare workers Nurses are much affected. Mental disturbances are common in them. Nurses are the largest occupational group.

They are the driving force behind the medical systems of the world. Working in high-risk departments add as the contributing factor. Also, bearing witness to many of their colleagues losing life also shatters them. These nurses work day and night, in and out to keep the people comfortable. They are there to treat them, console them and fight this viral outbreak.

Many nurses have been doing overtime. They have been away from their dear ones. Most help the covid affected patients. A great number has already fallen prey to the vicious virus. Many have sacrificed their lives in this fight against the pandemic. These nurses are the backbone of modern healthcare. They are the frontline heroines and heroes of the war against the virus.

Mental Health and Health care: How to Deal with it?

Mental health-related issues are spreading wide. It is now a common consequence of Covid care. Many medical professionals suffer anxiety, stress and depression due to the work they are dealing with. It is indeed time for the world to think and come to solutions to help these warriors who take care of the world. It is critical to protect the healthcare workers’ mental health. Practical and Comprehensive measures must be put to use here.

Leaders all over the world need to seriously discuss. They must take decisions to ease the work burden of these workers. Proper shifts and ensuring that adequate staff is arranged as per need can help as well. Also, hiring more staffs in the various fields could help. Regular psychological care checks must occur. Their personal opinions must be given some attention. Guaranteeing in-time treatment and care for them and their family could also help.

The staff must have the right protective measures. This equipment provided to protect must be effective and adequate. Also, adequate necessities like access to healthy meals and hydration must be provided. Regular breaks between the shifts must also be held. A safe place for their rest must be provided and designed. Also, considering shorter working hours and rotational shifts for those high-risk departments. Guaranteeing all-round support to these front-line workers will help them work at ease.

Pandemic and Mental Health

In short, during this pandemic, many of these healthcare professionals are at war with the virus. They often fall victims to this vicious virus and are at the high-risk end. They also sacrifice their mental health along with the other sacrifices they make.

Nurses are the major driving force of this set of professionals. They are sleepless, tired and are scared while facing the virus. Yet they are up in the medical front, doing their best. They have chosen to work longer hours and be there for the people. They put aside their dear ones while trying to give out their best service.

Indeed, it takes a lot to be present on the medical frontline and to actually do something. The world is suffocating for air and care. This set of people are out there providing all they can. All we can do for them is to pray and implement the right measures to keep them mentally stable as well.

Therefore, let us thank our healthcare workers all around the world. Let us thank them for their selfless work and care! Also, let us hope for brighter days when the pandemic would subside. These healthcare workers will be able to finally rest while the world breathes fine. Let us be safe and hope for a better future.