Nursing Lives – The Saga Of Service!

Nursing: “Every Day Is One More Accomplishment”

The immediate image that pops to our minds when ‘care’ is mentioned is probably, that of a nurse! Nursing lives is a career that sings a different story. So is the selfless action this particular profession requires. Since time immemorable, caring for others and nursing people has been a job of great demand.

Nurses everywhere promote the wellness of individuals, families and communities. Nurses are an irreplaceable link in maintaining the harmony in the healthcare sector. Hence, it is an indispensable service to the public all over the world and maybe, now is the time to pay a great tribute to the field.

As the great pandemic struck the world, the real time heroes who rose to the rescue of many lives were nurses. Their self-less actions have made the pandemic period a more bearable one. Their sacrifice makes them the real heroes during these uncertain times. Nursing is a field that has been put under the limelight now and it is important to know the story of how treating lives began as such an important profession.

Nursing History: Tracing How The Saga Of Service Began

Every job has its worth. However, when it comes to treating lives, it is a different story indeed. This profession that bears the heavy bag of responsibilities, has never failed to provide their service. They take care of the sick, with compassion and selflessness. Nursing is the largest, diverse and most respected section of all the healthcare professions. To trace the being of such an important job is not easy.

For centuries, treating and taking care of the sick had taken place at home. This had been the responsibility of family, friends and the respected community members who were considered effective healers. During the epidemics, there has been incidents where me took roles as active nurses. There has been traces of its roots going way down before the nineteenth century. However, tracing the history points out that it rose to a professional level with the Nightingale.

Florence Nightingale, defied all the social barricades when she chose to take care of the wounded and the sickly. Her ardent belief that nursing will be her ticket to freedom, to utilize her life to care for the unwell lives. She put herself in service in1845, during the British Crimean War.

With the right intervention and care, the war sickly scenario changed. “Lady with the Lamp” became a token of love, care and compassion among the grateful public. She wore this name as an invisible cape of respect and pride, and continued to take nightly rounds, comforting the sick and wounded.

Shifting Scenes In The Nursing History

When time changed and development made its way, hospitals began to make an impact. People lacking loved ones to take care of them approached these settlements for treatment. There, they found refuge and relief in qualified successors of Nightingale, nurses. The reputation and legacy of the Lady with the Lamp began to shine through many others who chose to take care of others. They began to make an impact that lasted long in the lives and hearts of the public.

Soon, many nursing schools were established by various hospitals. This gave the interested aspirants a chance to study the art of nursing, and hospitals more supply of nurses. Later, as scenes shifted again, nurses became a crucial part of history again. Trained nurses became critical in the fight against infectious diseases. Nurses made an impact and there came a dramatic decline in the mortality rates.

In the latter half of the twentieth century, the profession grew more diverse. Many global organizations like the American Nurses Association came into being. As times changed, the nursing education and profession too, has undergone a significant change. Yet their importance in the world remains the same. Even during this pandemic period, nurses are working hectic shifts, to save and serve lives of the affected people.

Nursing And Touching Hearts:

What makes a nurse so unique and special? They are simply special because of their profession. Nursing is one of the most trusted healthcare professions. They are with patients throughout. Not only do they touch other people’s lives, but leaves a mark of compassion and love in the hearts of people they take care of.

During the recent Corona virus crisis, nurses were the first line of defence healthcare sector sought after. Many still works long hours to take care of people who has been affected by this virus. Normal public has still not recovered from the fear of this pandemic, yet there are people out there who put themselves out for our care. They are being so selfless and kind to the world. In a time when the world needs them the most, nurses are here, to take care and provide the protection needed. Imagine the state of events, if the nurse’s community had refused to work and rise to the emergency occasion! This world would have suffered a great deal!

Across the world there is a scarcity for nurses. The world is in dire need of more healthcare workers as the pandemic is making another round around the globe. Nurses are in great demand as many countries are suffering from shortage in nurses. This high demand itself proves how important these professionals are for the smoother functioning of the global healthcare sector!

As Dag Hammarskjold, a Swedish economist and diplomat said,

“Constant attention by a good nurse, maybe just as important as a major operation by a surgeon.”

Nursing: An Epitome Of Kindness, Compassion And Love

If a profession could be called the epitome of kindness, love and compassion, there is no doubt, it is nursing. Nurses work long hours of shifts and work above and beyond their capacities to keep all of us warm, healthy and safe.

Jean Watson,an American nurse theorist and nursing professor has said

“Nurses are a unique kind. They have this insatiable need to take care of others, which is both their greatest strength and fatal flaw”.

During these times of uncertainties, let us be thankful that we have such an amazing community of nurses all across the world.

Nurses make the world much better with their magical abilities to take care and make others feel well. Nursing is definitely the light that shines bright, even when the darkness of the pandemic is hitting hard. Nurses stand as a true sign of hope and the world needs more of such unsung heroes, to sing more sagas of service!!

“Nurses are there when the last breath is taken, and nurses are there when the first breath is taken. Although it is more enjoyable to celebrate the birth, it is just as important to comfort in death”– Christine Bell