Global shortage, Is there enough nursing staff

The world’s a stage, and we are all actors, said the Bard. The actors have now fallen prey to a mass destructive virus. Consequently, the stage is decaying. This is where the relevance of healthcare arises. Nurses, Doctors, Carers help to make this sickly world a better place. They are there to look after us. They promise to make us feel okay. How much does the world need to suffer, we don’t know?

But for sure, we know one thing. And, that is, the healthcare heroes and heroines are falling prey to the disease themselves while helping others. The world needs more nurses and other healthcare staff. The need and demand graph for the nurses is higher than ever. This highly important shortage has been reported as a global crisis. Today let’s pay closer attention to the growing global nurses’ shortage crisis.

Global Shortage: The Reasons Behind

There are certain reasons behind the global shortage. They keep encouraging the growth of the shortage. The primary reason is the rising demand for the nursing workforce. The pandemic has caught the world in chaos. All countries are fighting their silent battles. The main warriors of the health team are these nurses. Day by day the healthcare needs more nurses. Here, nurses are losing their lives as well. This worsens the situation as well.

The graph of demand is higher and rising. However, the graph of supply is suffering. The dire need for nurses everywhere has called for rapid action. However, these countries are unable to satiate their need for staff. They have resorted to depending on external supply sources.

Another reason is the uneven workforce distribution. All the major countries have an unevenly distributed healthcare system. With the pandemic, every medical department needs staff. So, shuffling the nursing force and finding more workforce is the real challenge here.

An ageing workforce is another issue most countries face. The major challenge is replacing the aged nurses. They all will soon be retiring from the workforce. Many countries prefer younger nurses for fresh recruitment. This is to fill the gap that is being created now.

Nursing the Rising Global Shortage Graph

To nurse the nursing scarcity, there are certain things to be done. First, broaden the recruitment base. Adding more staff would enhance the workforce. This will give more opportunity to staff as well.

Recent studies report that some countries are now broadening their access routes for nurses. This would encourage a higher rate of entrants. They may be entrants from ethnic minorities. However, less qualified entrants with relevant work experience will get work.

Next, an effective solution is importing. Countries can and must encourage importing. They can hire nurses from different countries. The UK, the USA, Canada and Australia already does it. Consequently, they depend on nurses from India, the Philippines and so on.

Global Shortage: An Important Challenge

In short, importing staff from other countries is an ideal global strategy. This could help to solve the nursing shortage. Definitely, it will give more Indian nurses opportunities. They could find work overseas in various countries abroad. Hence, these countries importing are indirectly helping others as well.

To sum up, the nursing staff shortage is a sign of growing healthcare systems. With the growth in the sector comes higher demands. However, the world must take care to aid the supply of staff. They must do enough to meet the rising demand in this field.

As the pandemic is growing strong, more nurses are needed. The global shortage must be met with adequate solutions. Otherwise, it will grow into another challenging scenario. Therefore, nursing the world back to health is not easy. It demands more nurses. Hence more lifeline heroes must be found. That too in larger numbers. This is the only key to sort this shortage adversity.