The Indian Passage To The UK Tales Of Relocating Indian Nurses

The United Kingdom is a dream many Indian Nurses possess. They pursue and are willing to find a way to reach their dream destination. Surely, this has paved the Indian passage to the UK with greater ease. Many nurses hold on to their dreams of flying to the UK. There are some reasons upholding this dream of overseas life.

Indian nurses get better work scenarios and living conditions in the UK. Consequently, a large amount of relocation is happening. The pandemic has not affected this Indian passage to the UK. India remains a large source of nurses. It also provides other healthcare professions to many countries. The UK is one of the major dependant countries. They rely heavily on the Indian supply of nurses.

Currently, there are many nurses from India, located in the UK. They are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). These nurses are from different parts of the country. However, they all now call the UK, their home. Most of them have also taken their families along. These nurses have migrated to the UK completely. But they all deeply cherish their Indian roots.

Indian Nurses And English

The stories of these Indian nurses, in search of better lives in the UK, often share similar experiences. They all attain a language proficiency score only to pass the barrier. However, things change when they first set their feet in the English-speaking soils.

Mariya is a registered Indian nurse based in the UK. She shares this experience where language became a huge difficulty at first. She had cracked her OET at home easily. But when it came to speaking the language, she found it hard. Within a few months of her reaching there, she could settle in. She found it easier to understand and speak. Communication became easier as time flew.

Life in the UK was easy and more convenient. She is happy with her work-life and living conditions in the UK. She shared some major differences while comparing. At her home place, Mariya found her job tiring and less paying. However, in the UK, she highly rewarded. The work-life balance is yet another bonus she is thankful for!

Lives Of Indian Nurses In The UK

When it comes to exploring the work and life balance in the UK, there’s nothing best than real life stories. Let’s meet some Indian Nurses working currently in the UK as registered nurses. They were quite happy to share their experience. They also made sure to highlight the differences they found there.

Shruthy was happy to share her relocation story. It has been a year since she moved to the UK for work. When asked about her experience as an Indian nurse working in the UK she commented:

“Work culture is far better unlike India. The difference that I have felt is that being an outsider, the communication always seems a bit of a challenge. The main issues here is the accent. However, once you get accustomed to it, it is easier.”

When asked on about her work-life balance, she said:

“We have to work around three days a week. This is a major relief as I used to work six days a week back in India. The balance I am able to find here is really healthy.”

She also added that the outsider feeling has not yet left her. But the payment really does compensate for it all. She is quite content with her work and living conditions UK has offered her. She also mentioned the good quality of life the country offers as well.

The experience Sarah shared too was similar. She too mentioned the great work culture along with the good life settings. She had to work lesser days there and she was grateful for the balance life there had. Sarah also mentioned how the climate was always a challenge as it was very unpredictable.

More Indian Nurses Awaiting in the Line

These nurses are a few representatives among the big community located in the UK. They are all fond of their Indian roots. However, when it comes to the comforts and the quality of life, many of them prefer the UK. They all have made comments on how the work-life has helped them find the right balance. They were happy with the living conditions as well. This Pandemic period has not affected the Indians working there. These inspiring healthcare workers are more than just content.

They have work that does not tire them out. The off days compensate and the payroll is an additional benefit. When compared to the stressful Indian working culture, these nurses prefer the UK hospitals. The quality of life they could find and also provide for their family is also the attraction.

Many nurses in India continue to dream of the UK to work solely because of these same reasons. To them it is the land of opportunities and these highlighted benefits make them all the more attractive. Many desire to work, migrate and completely relocate to the overseas. They take the words of their predecessors as their guidance and are in the drive to fly ahead.